Transparent Sticky Waterproof Note Pads 50x76mm 50 Sheets/Pack.

Color: 50x76 White
Sale price$4.99


Introducing Transparent Sticky Waterproof Notepads - Your Essential, All-Weather Solution for Quick Notes and Reminders!

Stay organized and prepared, rain or shine, with our Transparent Sticky Waterproof Notepads. These versatile, compact notepads are designed to keep your important notes and reminders safe from the elements. Whether you're braving the great outdoors, tackling a wet job, or just need a reliable and waterproof note-taking solution, these notepads have got you covered.

Key Features:

1. Waterproof and Durable: These notepads are crafted from waterproof and tear-resistant material, ensuring that your notes remain intact, even in wet or rugged conditions.

2. Compact and Convenient: The 50x76mm size is perfect for jotting down quick notes, reminders, or important information on the go. Slip them into your pocket, bag, or toolbox for easy access.

3. Transparent Design: The transparent sheets allow you to see the contents of your notes at a glance, making it easy to find the information you need in a hurry.

4. Strong Adhesive Backing: The sticky adhesive ensures that your notes stay securely in place, so you won't lose important information or reminders, even in challenging conditions.

5. Versatile Applications: Whether you're working in construction, the great outdoors, or simply need a reliable solution for keeping notes in your kitchen or bathroom, these waterproof notepads are perfect for various tasks.

6. Ideal for Gifting: These notepads make thoughtful and practical gifts for hikers, campers, professionals in wet environments, or anyone who values keeping their notes safe and organized.

The Transparent Sticky Waterproof Notepads are more than just ordinary notepads; they're your trusty companions for recording important information and reminders, no matter where life takes you.

Elevate your note-taking with confidence, rain or shine. Order your Transparent Sticky Waterproof Notepads today and experience the durability and reliability they bring to your daily notes and reminders!


Adhesive Or Not: Yes

Magnetism: No

Feature: Self-Adhesive

Style: Memo Pads


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