P23-DTSC High Output Scientific Calculator For Financial Services. Comes With A Built-In Dual Color Printer.

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Introducing the P23-DTSC High Output Scientific Calculator for Financial Services - Your Comprehensive Solution for Advanced Calculations with Built-In Dual Color Printing!

When precision meets efficiency, the result is the P23-DTSC High Output Scientific Calculator. Designed to cater specifically to the demanding needs of financial professionals and students, this calculator is a game-changer in the world of financial services. With its integrated dual-color printer, it ensures that complex calculations and financial transactions are not only precise but also meticulously documented.

Key Features:

1. Advanced Scientific Functionality: This calculator is equipped with an extensive range of scientific functions, perfect for tackling complex financial calculations, statistics, and equations.

2. Dual Color Printing: The built-in dual color printer provides you with clear and organized documentation of your calculations. With the ability to print positive and negative values in different colors, it enhances your understanding of financial data.

3. High Output Precision: Enjoy the convenience of high-speed and high-precision calculations, ensuring that you never miss a beat when it comes to financial computations.

4. Comprehensive Financial Functions: This calculator boasts a wide array of financial functions, including interest rate calculations, amortization, bond calculations, and more, making it an indispensable tool for financial professionals and students.

5. Easy-to-Read Display: The large and well-organized display ensures that your calculations are legible and easy to understand, enhancing your workflow and productivity.

6. Dual Power Source: With both solar and battery power, this calculator ensures you have the energy needed for all-day use in the office or on the go.

7. Professional Efficiency: Whether you're in banking, finance, accounting, or business, this calculator streamlines your financial operations and enhances your professional efficiency.

The P23-DTSC High Output Scientific Calculator for Financial Services is more than just a calculator; it's your indispensable partner in delivering precise, efficient, and professionally documented financial calculations.

Elevate your financial operations with confidence and precision. Order your P23-DTSC High Output Scientific Calculator today and experience the advanced scientific and financial capabilities it brings to your financial services endeavors!


Style: Financial Planning

Max. Digits: 12

Applicable Battery Type: AA Battery

Product number: LG1205


Package includes: 1 piece of Printing Calculator(With roll paper and ink roller)

The product will be upgraded constantly, and the appearance and color may be changed; please don't mind. Consider before placing the order if you request color or appearance.

Print type:12-digit ink wheel print

Print speed: 2/3 lines per second

Print color: Two-color imprint (blue and red)

Power supply: 4 pieces * AA (Not including the batteries, please prepare by yourself)

Size :217x 162x56mm

Product features:

Time operation

Date and time display and print

Tax and business operations (cost sales/profit/operations) and currency conversion

Decimal point and rounding Settings

Low battery display reminder

Large display screen

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