Mini Electric Automatic A4 Paper Shredder and Grinder for Office and Household

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Effortless Document Destruction with the Mini Electric Automatic A4 Paper Shredder and Grinder – Compact, Powerful, and Perfect for Home and Office Use!

Introducing the Mini Electric Automatic A4 Paper Shredder and Grinder, your go-to solution for secure and convenient document disposal. This compact shredder combines powerful functionality with a sleek design, making it an essential tool for both home and office environments.

Key Features:

1. **Compact and Space-Saving Design:** The mini size of this electric shredder ensures that it fits seamlessly into any office or household setting. Save space while enjoying the benefits of efficient document destruction.

2. **Automatic Shredding Convenience:** Say goodbye to manual shredding efforts. This electric shredder features automatic functionality, allowing you to easily feed A4-sized paper for quick and hands-free document destruction.

3. **Versatile Grinding Capability:** Beyond paper, this device offers versatile grinding capabilities. Dispose of credit cards, CDs, DVDs, and other sensitive materials securely, ensuring comprehensive data protection.

4. **Powerful Shredding Performance:** Despite its small size, this electric shredder packs a punch with its powerful shredding performance. Experience efficient and reliable document destruction at your fingertips.

5. **User-Friendly Operation:** Enjoy hassle-free operation with intuitive controls. The simple interface ensures that even first-time users can operate the shredder effortlessly, streamlining the document disposal process.

6. **Transparent Window for Monitoring:** The transparent window allows you to monitor the shredding and grinding process in real-time. Ensure that every document and material is securely processed for enhanced security.

7. **Ideal for Home and Office Use:** Whether you're working from home or managing an office, this mini electric shredder is a versatile solution for both personal and professional document disposal needs.

8. **Easy Maintenance and Cleanup:** The shredder is designed for easy maintenance, and the removable waste bin simplifies the cleanup process. Keep your workspace tidy and organized with minimal effort.

9. **Enhanced Data Security:** Protect sensitive information by ensuring proper disposal. This shredder and grinder combination offers a comprehensive solution for safeguarding your data and maintaining confidentiality.

Upgrade your document disposal routine with the Mini Electric Automatic A4 Paper Shredder and Grinder. Experience the convenience of automatic shredding, powerful performance, and versatile capabilities. Secure your information with this essential tool for the modern office or household. Order yours today!


Capacity: <50L

Shredding Capacity: <10 Sheets/Shred

Shredder Type: Strip-Cut

Shredding Medium: Paper

Shredding Medium: Photo

Size: Mini

Model Number: 606

Power: Electricity

Shredder Type: Cross-Cut

Capacity: <50L

Shredding Capacity: <10 Sheets/Shred

Shredding Medium: Paper

Size: Normal

Power: Electricity


Shredder Small size grinder for office Household A4 Paper cutter Mini gear electric
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Product introduction:

Single shredding: 6 sheets of A4 paper
Paper drum capacity: 10L
Paper inlet size: 220MM
Shredding time: continuous shredding 2 minutes / rest 40 minutes

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