Multi-function Scientific Calculator. Handheld, Portable, And A 2-line Display.

Color: Black
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Introducing the Multi-Function Scientific Calculator - Your Handheld, Portable Mathematical Companion with a 2-Line Display!

The Multi-Function Scientific Calculator is the perfect solution for students, engineers, scientists, and professionals who demand powerful mathematical capabilities in a compact, portable device. With a 2-line display and a range of advanced functions, it's designed to make your mathematical tasks easier and more efficient.

Key Features:

1. Advanced Functionality: Packed with an array of mathematical functions, this calculator can handle complex equations, trigonometric calculations, algebra, and more. It's your go-to tool for solving mathematical problems with precision.

2. Portable and Handheld: Small and lightweight, this calculator fits comfortably in your hand and is perfect for on-the-go use. Carry it with you to class, meetings, or wherever you need it.

3. Dual-Line Display: The 2-line display allows you to input and view equations and results simultaneously, enhancing your efficiency and minimizing errors.

4. User-Friendly Design: The ergonomic design and easy-to-read buttons ensure that using the calculator is a breeze, making it suitable for students and professionals of all levels.

5. Reliable Power: The calculator is powered by solar energy and a backup battery, ensuring continuous operation when you need it most.

6. Ideal for Gifting: Whether you're a student, an engineer, or anyone who works with numbers, this calculator is a thoughtful gift for yourself or a loved one who values precision and efficiency in mathematics.

The Multi-Function Scientific Calculator is a versatile, compact, and powerful mathematical tool that simplifies complex calculations and improves your overall productivity. Whether you're in a classroom, a lab, or at work, this handheld calculator is your reliable companion.

Unlock the potential of your mathematical tasks with the Multi-Function Scientific Calculator. Order yours today and experience the convenience of a compact, portable device with advanced mathematical capabilities.


Style: General Purpose Calculator

Max. Digits: 12

Certification: NONE

Style: Other

Max. Digits: Other

Usage: Other

Material: Other

Handheld Portable Scientific Calculator: Teaching Dedicated Calculator

Item: Portable Multifunctional Calculator

Item number: 82MS

Material: Plastic

Color: As picture

Battery: 2pcs build-in button battery (included)

Size: Approx. 150 X 80 X 20mm/5.91 X 3.15 X 0.79in.


multifunctional mathematics calculator: can be used to calculate advanced functions.

High-quality material: durable for use.

Upgrade Motherboard: works more steadily.

LCD: read the results clearly in two-line display mode.



Item: Portable Multifunctional Calculator

Item number: 82MS

Material: Plastic

Color: As picture

Battery: not included

Size: Approx. 150 X 80 X 20mm/5.91 X 3.15 X 0.79in.


1 X Portable Multifunctional Calculator( Without battery )

Note: This product is divided into new and old specifications and is randomly sent


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