Manual Plastic Pencil Sharpener With Metal Blade, 4-Pack

Color: 4 PCS
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Experience Classic Efficiency with the Manual Plastic Pencil Sharpener – Dependable Metal Blades in a Convenient 4-Pack!

Introducing the Manual Plastic Pencil Sharpener with Metal Blade, a timeless tool designed for simplicity and reliability. This 4-pack of sharpeners brings efficiency to your pencil sharpening routine, making it an essential addition to classrooms, offices, and artistic spaces.

Key Features:

1. **Classic Manual Operation:** Embrace the simplicity of manual pencil sharpening with these reliable sharpeners. The straightforward design ensures easy use for students, teachers, artists, and anyone in need of a quick and effective sharpening solution.

2. **Durable Metal Blades:** The sharpeners are equipped with sturdy metal blades that effortlessly sharpen your pencils to a precise point. Depend on the durability of metal blades for consistent performance.

3. **Convenient 4-Pack:** This pack includes four sharpeners, making it a cost-effective solution for group settings, classrooms, and multiple workstations. Distribute them among students or keep them handy in different areas for quick access.

4. **Compact and Portable:** The compact size of each sharpener makes them easy to carry in pencil cases, backpacks, or desk drawers. Take them wherever you need a reliable tool for on-the-go sharpening.

5. **Universal Pencil Compatibility:** Designed to accommodate standard graphite pencils, colored pencils, and more. Versatile and practical, these sharpeners are suitable for various writing and drawing instruments.

6. **Easy to Empty Shavings Reservoir:** The built-in shavings reservoir makes it convenient to contain pencil shavings. When it's time to empty, the process is quick and mess-free, maintaining a tidy workspace.

7. **Ideal for Educational Settings:** Whether in the classroom or art studio, these sharpeners are a must-have for teachers and students alike. Provide a classic and effective tool for all your sharpening needs.

8. **Budget-Friendly Solution:** Enjoy the value of a 4-pack, ensuring that you have ample sharpeners for multiple locations without breaking the bank. Practicality meets affordability.

9. **No-Fuss Design:** These sharpeners are easy to operate with no complex features. Simplify your sharpening routine and focus on your writing, drawing, or coloring tasks.

Equip yourself with the timeless efficiency of the Manual Plastic Pencil Sharpener with Metal Blade 4-Pack. Enjoy the reliability of metal blades, portability, and the convenience of having multiple sharpeners at your disposal. Order today and experience classic functionality in every sharpening session!


  • 【Jumbo Sharpeners】Ideally for sharpening carpenter pencils, finish pencils,lumber crayons, jumbo size crayons, etc,to be widely used for carpenters/woodworkers, artists, designers, etc.

  • 【Durable to Use】Made of high-grade ABS plastic and hardness steel, long-lasting for your creative projects.

  • 【Sharp Blade】Sharpener blades are very sharp to sharpen your pencil within seconds, easy to use.

  • 【Large Hole】Single hole with 17mm/0.51 inch diameter, big hole working great for larger pencils. A must-have for a carpenter or who would like to sharpen jumbo pencils.

  • 【Color Assorted】Comes with four packs of two colors, Red & Black.High visibility color, easy to locate in your tool case or pencil bags.



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