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Introducing the Manual Pencil Sharpener – a reliable and efficient tool that brings the classic charm of manual sharpening to your desk. Perfect for school, personal use, or as an essential stationery accessory, this manual sharpener combines simplicity with functionality. Experience the timeless ritual of sharpening your pencils with precision and ease, thanks to its automatic in-and-out sharpening mechanism.

**Key Features:**

**1. Classic Manual Sharpening:** Embrace the nostalgic charm of manual pencil sharpening with this dependable tool. Whether you're in school or working on personal projects, experience the satisfaction of sharpening your pencils the traditional way.

**2. Efficient In-and-Out Mechanism:** The automatic in-and-out sharpening mechanism ensures a smooth and efficient sharpening process. Simply insert your pencil, turn the handle, and watch as your pencil emerges with a precise and sharp point, ready for your creative endeavors.

**3. Versatile for Various Pencils:** Designed to accommodate various pencil sizes, this manual sharpener is versatile enough for standard graphite pencils and colored pencils alike. Keep all your favorite writing and drawing instruments in optimal condition with this reliable accessory.

**4. Compact and Portable:** The compact design makes this manual sharpener easy to carry and integrate into any workspace. Its portability ensures that you can enjoy the benefits of manual sharpening wherever your creativity takes you – from the classroom to your personal studio.

**5. Durable and Sturdy Construction:** Crafted from durable materials, this manual pencil sharpener is built to withstand regular use. The sturdy construction ensures longevity, making it a dependable companion for all your manual sharpening needs.

**6. Easy to Empty Shavings Container:** The shavings container is conveniently located for easy access and emptying. Keep your workspace tidy effortlessly with a manual sharpener that combines functionality with user-friendly maintenance.

**7. Timeless Stationery Accessory:** Whether you're a student, an artist, or simply someone who appreciates the timeless art of manual sharpening, this pencil sharpener is a must-have stationery accessory. Add a touch of tradition to your creative space and enjoy the simple pleasure of sharpening your pencils by hand.

Rediscover the joy of manual pencil sharpening with the Manual Pencil Sharpener – a classic and reliable tool that adds a touch of tradition to your creative process. With its efficient in-and-out mechanism, versatile compatibility, and timeless design, this manual sharpener is more than a tool – it's a stationery accessory that brings back the artistry of sharpening pencils by hand. Choose a sharpener that not only delivers precision but also enhances the nostalgic experience of working with pencils.


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Sharpen your round pencils with ease using this manual pencil sharpener. It has high-quality stainless steel cutters that automatically adjust to the pencil's direction when turning the pen clockwise. No need to worry about messy shavings, as this sharpener has a built-in large-capacity pencil shavings storage box that is easy to empty. This pencil sharpener is also suitable for colored pencils, making it a great choice for artists and students.

Name: Pencil sharpener
Material: ABS+GPPS
Size: about 57*47*85mm/2.24*1.85*3.35 inches
Net weight: about 84g
Suitable for: Study, painting, office, etc.

Packing List:
1pc* pencil sharpene

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1.Widely used: This pencil sharpener is simple and convenient to operate, and features a cute cartoon design. It works well with round, hexagonal, triangular, and colored pencils.

2.Sturdy effective sharpening: This durable hand pencil sharpener features high-quality stainless steel cutters that deliver a smooth and precise point every time.

3.Time-saving and effortless: This pencil sharpener manual is smart and convenient to use. It automatically adjusts the pencildirection when you turn the pen left or right, making your sharpening process quick and easy.

4.Mess-free design: The pencil shavings storage box of this pencil sharpener for kids is large and built-in, so you don't have to worry about cleaning up the mess often. You can easily remove the box and empty it when it's full.

5.Scratch-free and firm: A soft pad on the bottom of this pencil sharpener for colored pencils prevents scratches on your desk. Because of this, it also stays firm and does not slip. You can sharpen your pencils with ease.

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