Manual A4 Paper Shredder Desktop Strip Small Hand Paper Shredder

Color: lake blue
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Efficient and Compact Desktop Document Disposal with the Manual A4 Paper Shredder – Strip Cut, Perfect for Small Offices and Home Workspaces!

Introducing the Manual A4 Paper Shredder, your reliable companion for secure document disposal right at your desktop. This strip-cut shredder is designed for ease of use, making it an ideal choice for small offices, home workspaces, and anyone seeking a compact yet effective shredding solution.

Key Features:

1. **Compact and Desktop-Friendly:** The manual A4 paper shredder is designed with a compact footprint, making it a perfect fit for small offices, home desks, and workspaces where space is at a premium. Enjoy secure document disposal without sacrificing valuable desk space.

2. **Strip Cut Shredding:** Featuring a strip-cut design, this manual shredder efficiently transforms your confidential documents into narrow strips. While offering basic security, it provides a practical and straightforward solution for daily document disposal needs.

3. **A4 Paper Compatibility:** Tailored for A4-sized paper, this manual shredder accommodates standard documents, ensuring a seamless shredding experience. Dispose of sensitive information confidently, right at your desktop.

4. **Easy Manual Operation:** With a straightforward hand-crank mechanism, this manual paper shredder is easy to operate. Enjoy hassle-free document disposal without the need for electricity or complicated controls. Simply turn the crank, and let the shredding begin.

5. **Desktop Strip Shredding:** Keep your document disposal process efficient and contained on your desktop. The manual operation allows you to shred documents directly over a waste bin or designated container, minimizing cleanup efforts.

6. **Ideal for Small Offices and Home Use:** Whether you're working from home or managing a small office, this manual A4 paper shredder is an excellent choice for maintaining data security. Experience the convenience of secure document disposal right at your fingertips.

7. **Easy Maintenance and Cleanup:** The manual shredder is designed for easy maintenance. The removable waste bin simplifies the cleanup process, ensuring that your workspace remains tidy and organized with minimal effort.

8. **Enhanced Data Security:** Protect sensitive information in a practical and cost-effective way. This manual strip-cut shredder offers a reliable solution for basic document disposal needs, helping you maintain confidentiality.

Upgrade your document disposal routine with the Manual A4 Paper Shredder. Enjoy the benefits of strip-cut shredding, compact design, and manual operation for efficient and secure desktop document disposal. Safeguard your information with this essential tool – order yours today!



Capacity: <50L

Shredding Capacity: <10 Sheets/Shred

Shredder Type: Strip-Cut

Shredding Medium: Paper

Size: Normal

Model Number: A4

Power: Manual

color: Lake blue, gray, rose red

Shredded paper effect: strip

Overall dimensions: 28*12*15cm

Paper input width: 23CM


Name: A4 manual paper shredder
Box Size: 27.5*11.5*14.5CM
Colour: Grey Black/Lake Blue 
Due to light and angle problems, the product colour has a slight chromatic aberration, prevail in kind!
Shredding capacity: single A4 paper, does not shred toilet paper, kitchen paper, coated paper, cards, playing cards, photos and other types of paper. The width of the feed opening is approx. 22 cm and the shredding effect is approx. 3 mm strips.



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