Large Automatic Electric Heavy Duty Mechanical Pencil Sharpener- USB Powered. Many Styles To Choose From.

Color: 8028 white
Ships From: CHINA
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Elevate Your Sharpening Experience with the Large Automatic Electric Heavy-Duty Mechanical Pencil Sharpener – USB Powered and Available in a Variety of Styles!

Experience the ultimate in pencil sharpening convenience with our Large Automatic Electric Heavy-Duty Mechanical Pencil Sharpener. Powered by USB for versatile use and boasting a range of styles to suit your preferences, this sharpener is designed to deliver precision, efficiency, and a touch of personal flair to your sharpening routine.

Key Features:

1. **USB Powered Convenience:** Enjoy the freedom of USB power, allowing you to sharpen your pencils using a standard USB cable (included). No need for batteries, providing a sustainable and eco-friendly solution.

2. **Large and Durable Design:** Built for heavy-duty use, this sharpener features a robust and durable construction, ensuring it can handle continuous sharpening demands in classrooms, offices, and creative spaces.

3. **Many Styles to Choose From:** Express your personal style with a variety of design options. Choose the sharpener that complements your workspace or adds a touch of creativity to your desk.

4. **Efficient Sharpening Mechanism:** The precision mechanical system ensures a consistent and sharp point every time. Say goodbye to uneven tips and hello to a smoother writing, drawing, or coloring experience.

5. **Auto-Stop Feature:** Designed with safety in mind, the sharpener automatically stops when the pencil reaches the optimal sharpness, preventing over-sharpening and reducing waste.

6. **Large Shavings Receptacle:** Minimize interruptions to your work with a spacious shavings receptacle. Spend more time creating and less time emptying the container.

7. **Versatile Pencil Compatibility:** Accommodates a range of pencil sizes, including standard graphite pencils and colored pencils, making it suitable for artists, students, and professionals.

8. **User-Friendly Operation:** The large, easy-to-use buttons and intuitive design make this sharpener accessible to users of all ages. No complicated instructions – just plug in and sharpen.

9. **Ideal for Home, Office, and Classroom:** Whether you're a teacher, student, artist, or professional, this sharpener is a versatile addition to any workspace.

Upgrade your sharpening routine with the Large Automatic Electric Heavy-Duty Mechanical Pencil Sharpener. Choose your favorite style and enjoy the benefits of consistent, precise sharpening with the added convenience of USB power. Order yours now and make a statement with every sharpened pencil!






















Title: Electric Pencil Sharpener
Gear: 3-2-1 ( Tip - Flat - Blunt ).
No.: Pencil Sharpener,8028; spiral hob,5058
Available ID: 6-12mm.
Color: White/Black
Total Size: 90*90*175mm
Note: Dimensions are measured manually. It is expected to have slight errors. Please refer to the actual product

1. Voltage &  Charging mode: USB Cable, 2000 mAh lithium battery.

2. Size & Type: 6-12mm meter, can be adjusted. Three shapes and sizes for the nib (Pointed, Flat-headed, Blunt).

3. Application: Pencils, charcoal, colored pens

4. Blade Model: 5058, Powerful spiral blade, only needs 2-3 seconds for one pencil.

5. Semi-automatic, faster, and more accessible.

6. Low noise design: Below 70 points.

7. Waste Bucket: Large space, easy to dump and clean.

8. There are  4 pcs silicone non-slip gaskets on gaskets, which can prevent keep sta and land e and quiet.


How To Use It?

Just three steps,

First, Push the pencil in the hole and hold the pencil with small strength,

Then, it will stop by itself when it's done,

Finally, pull it out with your hands.


Alloy spiral hob
The knife holder covers the alignment buckle.
1. After opening the lid (picture 1), take out the waste box (picture 2)
2. Press and hold the body and rotate the knife holder cover counterclockwise.
3. Take out the knife holder and replace it with a new one
4. After installing the knife holder, buckle the cover down and turn it to the left to tighten it. When attaching the knife holder cover, please align the bayonet with the position of the cutting head below, as shown below.
5. Put the waste box into place (picture 1), and then fasten the cover (picture 2)
Special use tips: Lightly press the pencil to start; do not press down hard, as there may be more pen sharpening.
Title: Electric Pencil Sharpener and Spiral Hob
Material for spiral hob: A;lloy.
Brand: Tenwin
Type: 8028,5058.
Available gear: 3-2-1. (tip, flat, blunt).
Accept Pencil ID: 6-12mm.

Title: Electric Pencil Sharpener
No.: Pencil Sharpener,8008,8020;
Brand: Tenwin
Charging Method: Data Cable.
Blade Type: Spiral blade.
Available ID: 6-8mm.
Color: White/Black/Pink/Blue.
Size: 81*132mm.
Note: Dimensions are measured manually. It is expected to have slight errors. Please refer to the actual product.



Style: 8038
Title: Electric Pencil Sharpener
Type: Universal/UK/JP/DE(Please Notice).
Gear: 3-2-1 ( Tip - Flat - Blunt ).
Brand: Tenwin
No.: Pencil Sharpener,8038; spiral hob,5058
Available ID: 6-12mm.
Color: White/Black/Blue
Note: Dimensions are measured manually. It is expected to have slight errors. Please refer to the actual product.
























































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