Holland imports Van Gogh watercolor paint 24 colors 0.5ml/1ML solid.

Color: 1ml 1pcs
Ships From: China
Sale price$19.82


Unlock Your Inner Artist with Holland Imports Van Gogh Watercolor Paint - 24 Luminous Colors, Each a Stroke of Brilliance!

Dive into a world of boundless creativity with the Holland Imports Van Gogh Watercolor Paint Set. Imported from the heart of artistic innovation in Holland, this exquisite set of 24 watercolor paints is your passport to a world of endless possibilities.

Key Features:

1. 24 Vibrant Colors: This set offers an array of 24 carefully curated colors, from rich blues to fiery reds, earthy browns, and dazzling metallics. Whether you're a seasoned artist or starting, you'll find the perfect shade for your masterpiece.

2. Premium Quality: Crafted to the highest quality standards, these watercolors are known for their intense pigmentation, excellent lightfastness, and effortless blendability, ensuring your artwork stays vivid for generations.

3. Versatile Palette: The 24-color set includes various shades, perfect for landscapes, portraits, still life, and abstract art. Express yourself fully with this versatile palette.

4. Solid Pans: Each pan contains 0.5ml/1ml of paint, allowing for precise and controlled application. The solid pans are easy to use, making it a convenient choice for artists of all levels.

5. Portable and Durable: Housed in a sturdy metal case, this set is perfect for artists on the go. Whether painting outdoors or in your studio, you'll have your colors within easy reach.

6. Ideal for Gifting: Whether treating yourself to a world of artistic exploration or gifting it to an aspiring artist, the Holland Imports Van Gogh Watercolor Paint Set is a thoughtful and inspiring present.

Let your creativity flow with the Holland Imports Van Gogh Watercolor Paint Set. Whether you're a professional artist or a hobbyist, these watercolors will transform your vision into stunning works of art. Order your set today and paint your dreams in vibrant, lifelike hues!


Packing Material: box

Packaging: Set

Type: Watercolor Paints

Painting Medium: Paper



Please pay attention to the size

0.5ml grid size is 15X12X5mm

1ml grid size is 19X16X5mm

Split watercolor is the original tube squeezed out; in the heating and drying process, dry shrinkage and cracking are everyday phenomena that do not affect the use of

1ml grid size is 19X15X5mm

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