Deli 10pcs/lot Wooden Pencil 2B with Eraser for Writing/Drawing.

Color: 2B-10pcs
Ships From: China
Sale price$7.54


Introducing the Deli Wooden Pencil 2B with Eraser - A Timeless Classic for Writing and Drawing!

The Deli Wooden Pencil 2B with Eraser is a must-have in any creative or academic endeavor. Whether you're sketching, jotting down notes, or taking exams, this pencil combines the elegance of a classic design with the versatility and quality you need to excel.

Key Features:

1. Premium 2B Lead: The 2B lead strikes a perfect balance between smoothness and darkness, making it ideal for both writing and drawing. It glides effortlessly across the page, leaving clear and consistent lines.

2. Built-In Eraser: No need to search for an eraser when you have one conveniently attached to the pencil. Correcting your work is quick and easy.

3. Durable Construction: Crafted from high-quality wood, this pencil is built to withstand regular use and maintain its classic appearance.

4. Timeless Design: The timeless hexagonal barrel design provides comfort and control, ensuring that your writing and drawing tasks are effortless and enjoyable.

5. Pack of 10: Each order includes 10 wooden pencils, making it a cost-effective choice for students, artists, and professionals.

6. Versatile Use: Whether you're taking notes, creating sketches, or working on intricate artwork, these pencils are versatile tools suitable for various tasks.

7. Ideal for Gifting: A set of Deli Wooden Pencils with Erasers makes for a thoughtful and practical gift for students, artists, or anyone who values the art of writing and drawing.

The Deli Wooden Pencil 2B with Eraser is more than just a pencil; it's a timeless instrument that empowers you to express yourself with precision and elegance. Elevate your creative and academic endeavors with this classic and dependable writing and drawing tool.

Order your set of Deli Wooden Pencils today and experience the joy of writing and drawing with quality and style.


Lead Hardness: 2B

Body Material: Wood

Packaging: Set

Type: Standard Pencils

Packing quantity: 10pcs/set

Lead Hardness 1: HB

Features: with eraser

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