30cm Color Coded Side Triangular Metric Scale 1:100/200/250/300/400/500 For Engineering.

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Introducing the 30cm Color Coded Side Triangular Metric Scale - Your Precision Tool for Engineering and Technical Drawings!

Elevate your engineering and technical drawing projects with our 30cm Color Coded Side Triangular Metric Scale. This professional-grade scale is meticulously designed to provide you with precise and efficient measurements, making it an indispensable tool for engineers, architects, drafters, and anyone who values accuracy in their work.

Key Features:

1. Precision Engineering: This triangular metric scale is engineered for accuracy, offering six different scales in one compact tool, including 1:100, 1:200, 1:250, 1:300, 1:400, and 1:500. It simplifies complex conversions and ensures your drawings are spot on.

2. Color-Coded Convenience: Each scale is color-coded for quick and easy identification, allowing you to select the desired scale with a glance, streamlining your workflow, and preventing errors.

3. Durable Construction: Crafted from high-quality materials, this scale is built to withstand the demands of technical work, ensuring it remains a reliable tool throughout your projects.

4. Easy-to-Read Markings: The scale features clear and easy-to-read markings, ensuring that you can confidently and precisely measure and draw your designs.

5. Compact and Portable: The 30cm length of the scale makes it a compact and portable tool that you can carry with you to work, classes, or any project site, ensuring you always have the precision you need.

6. Versatile Applications: Whether you're creating architectural plans, engineering drawings, or technical sketches, this scale caters to your specific needs and ensures your measurements are flawless.

7. Professional Results: Achieve professional-quality drawings and designs with the 30cm Color Coded Side Triangular Metric Scale, ensuring your work stands out with precision and finesse.

The 30cm Color Coded Side Triangular Metric Scale is more than just a measurement tool; it's your gateway to precise and efficient engineering and technical drawing. Say goodbye to complex conversions and guesswork and embrace the ease and accuracy this scale brings to your projects.

Elevate your technical work with confidence and precision. Order your 30cm Color Coded Side Triangular Metric Scale today and experience the difference it makes in your engineering endeavors!


Material: Plastic

Ruler Type: Triangular Ruler

Promotion Ruler: Yes

Folded: No




  • Brand new

  • Material: Plastic

  • Scale Length: 30cm/12"

  • Total Length: about 32cm/12.6"

  • 3 Color Coded Sides: Red: 1:200; 1:500, Yellow: 1:250; 1:300, Green: 1:100; 1:400

  • Clearly marked metric graduations.

  • 3 color-coded sides, each side with different scales.

  • 6 scales allow precision drawing for architects, engineers, and carpenters.

Package included:

  • 1x Triangular Metric Scale Ruler


  • Please allow 1-2cm errors due to manual measurement

  • Item color displayed in photos may be slightly different on your computer monitor since monitors are not calibrated the same



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