3 pcs/Set Black, Blue, and Red Permanent Marker With Waterproof Ink. Fine Point.

Color: 3 Pcs Mix Color Set
Sale price$3.99


Introducing the 2X A4 Size Wooden Clipboard Set - Your Perfect Companion for Organized Office and Schoolwork!

Stay organized and maintain a professional touch in your daily tasks with our 2X A4 Size Wooden Clipboard Set. This set of two clipboards provides you with a reliable writing surface that's perfect for office use, school projects, and a wide range of tasks that demand a sturdy and portable writing platform.

Key Features:

1. A4 Size Compatibility: Designed to perfectly fit A4-sized documents, these clipboards provide you with an ideal writing surface for standard papers, reports, and more.

2. Set of Two: With two clipboards in one set, you have the convenience of an extra clipboard at your disposal, making it perfect for multitasking, collaboration, or backup.

3. Wooden Durability: Crafted from high-quality wood, these clipboards offer both durability and a touch of natural elegance, ensuring they can withstand regular use.

4. Secure Metal Clip: Each clipboard is equipped with a strong metal clip that holds your papers securely in place, preventing any unwanted slipping or page turning.

5. Versatile Use: Ideal for office professionals, students, teachers, artists, or anyone who requires a reliable writing surface for their tasks, these clipboards cater to a wide range of needs.

6. Portable and Convenient: The clipboards' compact size and lightweight design make them easy to carry in your bag or briefcase, ensuring that you have a sturdy writing platform wherever you go.

7. Efficient Organization: By using these clipboards, you can keep your documents organized and readily accessible, whether you're taking notes, conducting interviews, or grading papers.

The 2X A4 Size Wooden Clipboard Set is more than just a writing platform; it's a tool for maintaining order, efficiency, and professionalism in your work or study environment.

Elevate your daily tasks and stay organized with confidence and style. Order your 2X A4 Size Wooden Clipboard Set today and experience the convenience and reliability it brings to your office or schoolwork!


Type: Oil

Dual-side Writing: No

Writing Medium: Paper

Type: Marker Pen

Ink Type: Permanent

Brush Tip: round toe

Material: PVC

Writing Point: 1.5mm

Pen Length: 13.5cm

3 pcs/Set Black, Blue, and Red Permanent Marker With Waterproof Ink. Fine Point.

Ink color: black, blue, red
Pen length: 13.5cm
Material: PVC

Features: Suitable for glass, leather, wood, steel, cardboard, cloth, etc.

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