12Pcs/Box Non-dust Chalk For Teaching, Coloring, And Drawing.

Color: 12Pcs 1Box
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Introducing the 12Pcs/Box Non-dust Chalk – Your Ultimate Tool for Clean and Vibrant Teaching, Coloring, and Drawing!

Step into a world of creativity and precision with our 12Pcs/Box of Non-dust Chalk. Designed for teachers, artists, and students, this non-dust chalk offers a clean and vivid medium for teaching, coloring, and drawing.

Key Features:

1. Clean and Dust-Free: Tired of messy chalk dust clouding your classroom or workspace? Our non-dust chalk ensures a clean and neat experience, allowing you to focus on your teaching or art without the nuisance of dust.

2. Vibrant Colors: This chalk set provides a vivid array of colors that pop against blackboards and paper. Each stroke is bold and clear, making your lessons or artwork easy to follow and understand.

3. Versatile Application: Perfect for teaching, coloring, and drawing on blackboards, chalkboards, or paper. Whether you're in the classroom or working on creative projects, this chalk caters to all your needs.

4. Smooth and Consistent: The chalk writes smoothly and evenly, allowing for precise lines and details. It doesn't crumble easily, providing a reliable medium for your creative and educational endeavors.

5. Durable Design: These chalk pieces are designed to be durable and long-lasting, with minimal breakage, ensuring they can endure regular use.

6. Compact Packaging: The set comes in a convenient box that keeps your chalk organized and easily accessible, making it an ideal addition to your classroom or workspace.

7. Safe and Non-Toxic: This non-dust chalk is non-toxic, making it a safe choice for teaching and creative projects involving children.

Say goodbye to the frustration of chalk dust and hello to the clarity and vibrancy of non-dust chalk. It's more than just a writing tool; it's a catalyst for effective teaching and stunning artwork.

Elevate your teaching and unleash your artistic potential with the 12Pcs/Box Non-dust Chalk. Order your set today and experience the clean, clear, and vibrant difference it brings to your educational and creative endeavors!


 Size: length 8.0CM, big head diameter 1.0CM, small head diameter 0.95CM

Type: Non-dust Chalk

Package Quantity: 12 Pens/Box

Packing: 12Pcs/Box

Dustless: Yes

material: plaster

type: dust-free chalk

Chalk size: length 8.0CM, big head diameter 1.0CM, small head diameter 0.95CM

Color: Colorful


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